Saturday, August 25, 2012

Forever Alone Saturday - Homemade Microwave Popcorn!

Howdy Neighbor!
What does a lonely old spinster do on a Saturday night while everyone else is getting hit on at seedy bars? Certainly not sit home, stroking your 9 cats and crying over your first crush getting married. (Although, I'm sure that's in my near future)

NO! Stay home, make brownies and homemade microwave popcorn and watch a movie with hotties! No regrets!

So, since the brownies are cooling now, and then I have to make the frosting and they're best if you let them sit overnight to cool, I'm going to blog about homemade popcorn and save the brownies for tomorrow.

Do not ever buy microwave popcorn again!! 

Did I get your attention? But serious, just make homemade microwave popcorn that tastes better, is cheaper and you can customize to your deepest desires.

All you need is
1/3 to 1/2 Cup Popcorn and a paper bag. I used a half cup for this blog, but usually I do 1/3 because I'm not like NOMNOMALLTHEPOPCORN! I just like a little and I'm good.

Then you just fold the bag over twice. I laugh that the directions say to not staple. REALLY? Is there some dumbass that's like, "Ooooh a staple would be BRILLIANT!" If so, this person should not be allowed the pleasure of popcorn and they should just microwave their stupid, empty head while they're at it.

Alright, ready for the hard part? You put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. However, this is VERY important. Stay close by, as soon as you hear the popping start to slow down. STOP IT! My mom once nearly burned my house down because it practically imploded from the center.

Now, the second hardest part. Trying to find a movie to watch with your popcorn! Now, I'm on a Jeremy Renner kick and I haven't seen either of these, that he's in. However, I would also like to see The Avengers again, but I may not have it since it's not out yet and how could I possibly see that right now. *Wink Wink*
Although, now that I'm typing this blog, my popcorn bowl is nearly empty and I haven't started my movie yet.

There it is. The popcorn is done! It got exhausted from all the popping, so it laid down for a bit.

Look at that, is that not just amazing? And no creepy chemicals!

Now, as I was looking for the pin to remind myself how to make it, as it's been a few months since I did, I thought I'd try something else. Usually I just do a little salt but this time I thought I'd sprinkle some garlic and onion powder. Why not? All I'll be kissing tonight is Miss Bells.

Whatever, I'm over it.

So there it is. I should've used more sprinkles of stuff, as I can barely taste it, but I don't mind my popcorn plain as can be.

This turned out to be my supper, as my health kick is going swell. Down 8 pounds in a week. HOLLA, I just wish it could always come off this fast. I'd be at my goal weight in like a few months, ha!

But trust me on this, don't buy microwave popcorn anymore. Apparently it's super bad for you, allegedly, that's what scientists say or something. But it's also a waste of money. You're welcome.

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