Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well hello there! You may be asking yourself what this is all about. I am here to give the 'old college try' to some things on Pinterest!
I noticed some other people doing this and it seemed they weren't even trying it seriously. It would be them saying, "I'm going to make lemon bars! But hey, I don't have any lemon juice so I'll just use this citrus pop and see if it works. Oh em gee, it didn't work but hardy har, it's still funny." No. Give it an honest try. If it fails, it's funny. If it succeeds, make it funny!
So that's my mission, actually try things. I'm not crafty but I am a fairly good cook, so some will probably work just fine, others will be a major life fail. We'll just see what happens.

Let me explain the title, which I'm pretty proud that I finally thought of. 'Spinster' is an old maid, an older (WHICH I AM NOT) childless woman who is unmarried. That would be me. Hi! So, I thought it was a nice play on words to combine with Pinterest. Aren't I clever? See what you're in for? Contain your excitement.

I think I'm going to try out different themes every week, so far I have:
Tasty Tuesday - I will attempt a new recipe and give my opinion, which happens to always be right, bonus!
Hump Day Hotties - A nice break from the grind, wink wink. I'll share some hot pictures I've found on Pinterest!
Thirsty Thursday - I will try new drink recipes. Some alcoholic, some not, depending on how dreadful my week has been.
DIY Friday - I will test out random DIY projects. Most I will likely fail because I'm not very crafty, but I will certainly try!

So there you have it. I hope I make you laugh and help you find new things to eat, drink or do; and if not, what things NOT to eat, drink or do! Share pinterest links with what you'd like to see me try! As long as I have the funds and the time, I'll do my best!