Thursday, October 25, 2012

HAPPY FALL! Salty Sweet Pumpkin Seeds!

Yay! My most favorite time of year. I got my pumpkin last weekend and carved it into a lovely kitty head.

Come on, aren't you impressed? It even has ears! Yes, I'm aware it's got an effed up eye but it gives it character.

So after I had my pumpkin carved, I saved the seeds and then searched pinterest for an easy recipe to make the seeds delicious! And I found something good!

So I had already cleaned and dried out the seeds for a few days, just because I kind of forgot about them. 
I had originally had them in a bowl but my mom didn't think they were clean enough and so she then laid them all out on a paper towel, so when they dried, they were stuck to the paper towel. DO NOT DO THIS! It was super annoying and slightly time-consuming. I whined enough, so she did it for me, but be smarter about this, don't lay on paper. :)

Thanks mom.


Then I laid them all out on some aluminum foil. I 'poured' some olive oil over it, then sprinkled with the cinnamon and brown sugar. Then I used my hands and a spoon to mix it all around. Super easy.

This blog seems lame, because it's the simplest process. I then turned on the oven to 300 and put them in for 20ish minutes, then used the spoon to mix them around some and finished them off after another 20 minutes.

Took them out and tried some right away...


AMAZEFEST USA! SO good! That perfect blend of sweet and salty. I probably stood over that pan and ate and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD SO GOOD" for a good 5 minutes.

So there you have it, the perfect solution to your leftover pumpkin seeds.
You're welcome. To thank me, you can send me what you make.

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