Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crockpot Chicken Brown Rice Casserole - Deep breaths...

I know. I'm such a slacker lately. With my new job, I work later and then I get home and workout, so I haven't been very ambitious in trying new things. I just make what I know. But I really need to start making stuff again, as I'm wasting too much money (and calories) on going to eat somewhere for lunch as I don't have leftovers to eat!

So, last week I got on pinterest and printed out some stuff to try and picked up some ingredients to make new stuff. So I thought I'd first try this Crockpot Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole. Plus I'd heard many good things about this lady's website and never tried anything, so I was super excited. It had lots of things I like:
Chicken? Good.
Rice? Good.
Mushrooms? Pretty good, I'm okay with them. I'm trying.

So here's most of the ingredients. Keep in mind, I got this all put together at 6:30 this morning. Nothing I want to do less than cook dinner at 6:30am, but I figured it would be worth it.

So the worst part was having to boil some chicken broth and milk and whisking this concoction. Again, at 6:30am, in case you forgot, when I'm cranky, tired and want to just crawl back into bed.

Alright, washed my mushrooms and then added them and the rice to my trusty crock.
Then I had to let the chicken broth/milk mixture cool and I just let it sit for an hour while I finished my morning routine. I didn't want to start this too early anyways and figured I'd throw the last of it together right before I scooted out the door for work. I had to add the chicken last. I was a little skeptical at this point because I thought it strange you were adding DRY ingredients to the bottom, that doesn't make sense. But, I've never made this before, I'll roll with it.

So cut to about 1pm. I'm at lunch with a couple ladies from my last job and I get a text message saying, "Just checked on your crockpot stuff. It is BURNING!" I was like WHAT?! It's only been like 5 hours and it says to cook on low for 8!! So I suggested adding more chicken broth and fingers crossed it would work out.

I get home and look in the crockpot and see THIS!

I'll give you a few minutes to swallow that vomit you just spit up. What a frikken MESS! It looked like crap, smelled like crap and also tasted like CRAP! I was pissssssed. Because not only did I waste 30 minutes of my morning preparing this, it's a WASTE of food and people know that I hate wasting. Especially the chicken! The rice and mushrooms are fairly cheap, but the chicken?! )@(*#&*@#@()! Plus here is another night and lunch tomorrow where I have to find something to eat and waste money I shouldn't be spending on eating out. So I'm just livid at this point, add in the fact I've just had a crappy week already and have been needing an attitude adjustment. So I go in and exercise, trying to brainstorm of how I can save this, somehow. I have the idea that gravy can maybe save anything..? Maybe? I had a jar of turkey gravy in my cupboard I got from using a coupon.
(Side note: How do you pronounce coupon? Q-pon? Or coo-pon? If it's the latter, you are WRONG! Moving along...)

So I whip up some gravy (aka open the jar and throw in a pot and taste test a little because I'm not wanting to waste ANY more food!)
Needless to say, this 'meal' can NOT be saved. It still tasted like burnt piece of cardboard pulled out of somebody's ASS. So I just ate the rest of my peas and moved on.

Here is proof. Does this not say LOW FOR ABOUT 8?! It wasn't even on 5 hours before it was SHIT!

So glad I could feed my trashcan, NOT!

Whatever, I really only wanted a pumpkin muffin from Perkins anyway, cause I'm worth it. Screw you "A Year of Slow Cooking."

(Side note part 2: When I found the link to share here, I started reading the comments which I wish I would've done earlier, as all the ones I saw when I skimmed said the same thing. UGH! Then delete this stupid recipe off your stupid website! Now I'm annoyed by this website and I'm discouraged yet again from trying anything new. Everything I've tried new lately has been a bust.)

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