Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forever Alone Saturday: DIY Foaming Hand Soap!

It has certainly been an interesting evening. I wake up from the most wonderful Saturday nap and shortly after, the electricity randomly goes out. I think it'll maybe come back on soon after. No, I ended up being without for nearly 2 hours. Sure makes for a boring evening when EVERYTHING in my condo runs on electricity. I was bored, hungry and getting more impatient by the second. I thought about doing this blog then, or at least making the stuff but realized I didn't have the instructions printed and didn't want to have to read them from my phone.

Now as I speak there are men outside my window in my grove cutting down trees. It's dark outside, so it seems a little risky to be running a chainsaw in the dark but YOLO. I guess when I hear a loud scream, I'll know someone chopped their arm off!

Anyway, this blog is way overdue. I've been lazy this week and didn't have the motivation to try anything new. Which now that I've made this, I realize how dumb it is because it's the easiest thing ever.

So I went with the DIY Foaming Hand Soap tonight. I have wasted so much money on Bath & Body Works products in the past but I've finally seen the light and realize they're a rip-off and so I haven't gone in there in well over a year. I do love foaming hand soap though, especially theirs. I don't really know why I prefer the foaming kind, I've literally analyzed it and can't find a reason but I figure making my own would help my pocket book some.

So here we go, the supplies I needed! I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week and they had these nice smelling hand soaps for $1 each so I picked up a couple to prepare for this! I had saved an empty soap bottle to refill. The original pinner matches the scent in the original bottle to the new one she fills. I'm not going to do that because I'm a rebel.

I decided to go with Honey Almond right now because I felt like it.
She said to fill up with soap to about the T on the bottle. Done! Also took this picture to show how little of my original bottle was used. I can probably make a half dozen more containers of foaming hand soap at this rate. SCORE!

Then fill with hottttass water. The original instructions don't classify it as hotass, but I do. It's a very important detail you don't want to miss.

Apparently you don't shake it, you stir it. I used a letter opener because that's how I roll.

This is what it looked like. Probably mixed enough? Yes? Maybe?

And voila! Look at that! Frikken A I'm awesome.

So my review is that this is pretty damn sweet. I can make scented foaming hand soap in any scent, out of cheap hand soap and have more money to spend frivolously on booze and male strippers. Win Win!

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